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 Jessica T, Erie, IL

"As a health and fitness nut, studying to receive my Bachelors in Nutrition Science, getting the best out quality of life from my daily diet has always been a passion of mine.  I’ve struggled trying to consume enough fruits and vegetables to get what is required for the human body to live optimally. As a runner and fitness lover, I’ve struggled to find a safe and clean protein powder to consume pre and post work out and the best supplements to aide in my performance. And as a mother I worried daily about making sure my children were getting what they needed nutritionally to grow, thrive, and perform at their best! A few months ago I stumbled across VIM through the grace of a new friend, and all my struggles disappeared (along with the last 5lbs I could never loose and the adult acne). I consume VIM straight up (yes, you read that right- I LOVE the taste) in my water bottle every morning during and after my work out and then in the afternoon around three I consume VIM in a smoothie. The morning consumption has aided my body to perform at its peak, and to more easily sculpt those muscles I work hard for. The afternoon smoothie has given me the energy to keep up with my three sons and all that their activities require from me. I’ve also recently had blood work done, and the nurses were raving over my results, saying they had never seen results so excellent! In addition to the VIM I take the Oh-Mega, Vitamin D drops and the Royal flush (just one at bedtime) daily. As a runner, knowing that I’ll be able to poop is a huge relief (in more than one ways). I feel amazing, and I’m told I look pretty great too. My children consume a smoothie with ¾ scoop of VIM every morning; I also include in it the Vitamin D drops- right into their smoothie. My worrying for the day is done, I know that in addition to their balanced diet, they are getting everything their bodies need. And you know what? They sleep better, they poop better, their moods have improved, their concentration is better and most importantly I am teaching them that taking care of their bodies is important and they will carry that into their adults lives and into the lives of my future grandchildren. I feel pretty darn great about that! All thanks to VIM, so thank you VIM!! Don’t wait friends, the opportunity to live energetically and healthy is now."  – Jessica T, Erie, IL

Dominique Annawan, Il

"I was diagnosed with Lupus, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Kidney Disease of August 2013, the begin of my senior year of high school. My illness left me unable to continue my basketball and track career at the college level, due to my poor health. I have been sick for whole two year, in and out hospitals and even frequent trips to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. I decided that I couldn't keep going down the path I was going down. After my benefit, I meant a phenomenal women who introduced me to "Vim Today". I thought what the heck, ill try it; I am so glad that I did. I am now on the super food, royal flush, D3 and OMEG. They work wonders!! I use to have my Lupus flare ups 7 days a week. Now, thanks to those products I have two flare ups a week. I am finally getting back to the old me again and I couldn't be happier!" -Dominique Annawan, Il

Health Minister Bob

"I have known of the importance of Vitamin D but more or less took it for granted until I did  some reading up on it in relation to current research and suddenly got very interested in it. I took the VIMToday lab test and it was listed as “low”- it was 23.0 ng/mL. That was on Dec.31, 2014. On March 3, 2015 I had a blood test for the VA and asked them to test my vitamin D. It was 42.7 ng/mL. Do I recommend VIMToday’s D-3 “Bottle of Sunshine”? To answer that I will share that the report from the VA test listed this Interpretation of Vitamin D:  “D 10 ng/mL—Deficiency, 10—29 – Insufficiency, 30 – 100 –Sufficiency”. That means on their scale I went from “23.0 Insufficiency” to “42.7 Sufficiency” in just 93 days! I would call that amazing!" Health Minister Bob

Lisa E. – Bettendorf, IA

“I have been in the fitness and wellness industry for many years and have always been searching for complete, clean nutrition and I have found it through VIM! I am so excited about this product line and all the healing I am seeing before my eyes with my clients, family, friends, including myself!  I have been living with lupus about 21 years and have struggled much of my life with serious symptoms from skin lesions to mini strokes and seizures, to name a few. My personal testimony is incredible how my body is taking in the nutrition and healing! My skin lesions are almost gone, my Raynauld' s syndrome has disappeared, my hot flashes have decreased 80%, my body repairs very quickly after workouts, my gums are no longer bloody, my mouth ulcers have disappeared,  my nails and hair are growing rapidly,  my skin is no longer dry and scaly, my joints do not ache, my energy level has majorly increased and my stress level has decreased even though I have more on my plate! I just feel a sense of calmness about everything and I am even more inspired to help others!  I am the founder of LIVEFIT WITH LUPUS, where our mission is to promote health and wellness, help others overcome obstacles and to create autoimmune awareness.  VIM today is helping my mission be more successful in striving to help all enrich their lives!  I cannot thank you enough for bringing this product to all of us!! “ – Lisa E. – Bettendorf, IA

Stacy B. Nashville, TN

"I am excited to let you all know that the VIM Super Food has been fantastic for our whole family, but especially for our son Jack. Jack is 8 and has Autism. He has been on a gluten free/casein free diet for the past 4 years and adding the VIM Super Food has been the only change in that diet. Since beginning the Super Food consistently 2 months ago, we have seen remarkable gains with him. He is rapidly improving on speaking in complete sentences and initiating conversations. He is showing more independence and has been able to tell us more details about his days. He is more social with his peers and helping around the house. Plus, it has made a big difference in his poop and we all know important good poop is :) every gain for him is cause for celebration and we are doing a lot of celebrating lately. Thanks VIM Today!" - Stacy B. Nashville, TN

Marlene S. - St. Louis, MO

“I started using the Phataway, Oomph and Royal Flush 2 weeks ago.  Because I wanted to see how I felt on the products and I didn't make any adjustments to my cooking, in other words I didn't "diet" , and I lost 5 pounds!  I'm not hungry with Phataway!  I choose to eat which means I can make good choices and eat less.  I can't wait to see where I go with these products!  It's a lifestyle not a diet with Phataway and VIM Today! - Marlene S. - St. Louis, MO

Mike L. Davenport, IA

“I work out at QC Barbell and I find that the VIM Superfood really aids in my recovery after my intense powerlifting workouts.  I take an Oomph! After lunch to help get me over that hump of midday when my coworkers are full and lethargic from lunch, I power through with tons of energy! And about an hour before bed, Ill pop a Shut Eye to get that deep sleep I need to do it all again the next day! I've taken other supplements before but none have really made me feel as good as the VIM line does!” -  Mike L. Davenport, IA

Michelle D. Bettendorf, IA

“I started with Phat-Away products in mid-November last year. The weight started falling off right away. I then added all of the products to my routine. I really cannot choose which product I love the most because they all are part of a true power system! I am 50 years old and over the years I have had health problems from an 18 pound tumor to falling several times hurting my back and neck. Prior to this I was popping prescription pain pills and always feeling unmotivated and wore out. My parents are both experiencing health issues and I am on my second medical leave of absence to care for them. However as I care for them I am caring for myself by fueling my body with the best VIM today supplements. My skin looks very healthy all over. My feet used to hurt and were beginning to become rough. They feel great! My back and neck have not hurt for the past several weeks. I sleep great and no longer have to move to a chair in the middle of the night to get comfortable. For the past 18 years I have used prescription sleeping pills every night. I now use Shut Eye and I sleep fantastic! I am not so drowsy in the morning and have more energy. The hardest thing for me to talk about is depression. Since I began with these supplements I am much happier. These dreary winter days have not impacted me like they have in the past. I feel good and I am very happy all of the time. Even though I am in the middle of a storm with my parent’s health issues I seem to be in more in control of my emotions and I am not having panic attacks thus making it easier to cope. I am very grateful! – Michelle D. Bettendorf, IA

Brittany Williams- Las Vegas, NV. Ms.Nevada, Ms. United States 2014

“We were a few days into filming a TV show in Cancun.  In the midst of all the excitement, the hurry up and wait, the last minute changes and all of the other craziness that comes with filming for international TV, I was in my last phase of training for the Fitness America competition (stranded in an all-inclusive resort in paradise with 24/7 food and drinks, nonetheless).  I was exhausted, carb depleted and I was fading fast.  But, I had to keep it together for the camera and for the competition that was less than 2 weeks away.  I needed a boost and to maintain my focus.  I had come too far and worked too hard to mess it up now.  Fortunately, my friend Lisa, saved the day with a little bag of some green powder that I had never heard of before.  As tempted as I was to get an energy drink and something sweet, I knew better, and figured the it was worth a shot.  I mixed the VIM Superfood in a bottle of water and in minutes I felt it through my whole body.  More energy, more focus, and all around feeling of wellness...just what I needed in that moment.  From that moment I was a fan.  Now I make it a part of my daily meal plan whether I am training for a competition or not.” – Brittany Williams- Las Vegas, NV. Ms.Nevada, Ms. United States 2014

Joe B. – Nashville, TN

“I took the Oomph energy product before my workout today and I had one of my best workouts in recent memory. VIM Today hit a home run with this product.” - Joe B. – Nashville, TN

Joette C. – Chicago, IL

“I was introduced to VIM Today by my very dear friend, Melanie.  She actually gave VIM to me as a Christmas present and I cannot tell you how it has been such a blessing.  I am using the Vitamin D3 Drops coupled with VIM in the morning as my breakfast and I can really see a difference in my energy levels and stamina. I am not a breakfast person, therefore skipping breakfast was the norm.  Melanie informed me of the importance of breakfast and the VIM shake makes it so deliciously easy.  After about a week of making sure that I was having a VIM smoothie for breakfast every day, I have definitely felt the difference.  First of all, the hunger and over eating at lunch is completely gone. Not to mention the regularity it has provided me. I was having an issue in the bathroom, where it was normal for me not to POOP for three to four days.  With VIM and the Vitamin D3 supplements, I am completely regular and the effects of being regular are overwhelming!!!  I had no idea how important it is to POOP every day!!!!  It was a joke with Melanie and I, however, that is NO JOKE!!!  Thank You to VIM Today and all the people behind this product!!  It is truly remarkable and will make such a difference in your life!” – Joette C. – Chicago, IL

Brad G. - St Louis, MO

“As President of a soccer club, personal trainer, group instructor, and athlete taking 18-21 hours per semester in college, life can be very draining.  VIM Superfood gives me the focus and vitality to excel at all of these roles throughout my week.  I take one scoop of VIM blended with rice milk, a banana, and a handful of frozen fruit each morning to get me started.  Personally, the most important characteristic is that it is gluten-free.  I developed a gluten-allergy early into my college career as I trained up to six hours per day as an athlete and only slept an average of five hours per night.  I am a very driven individual, so it was very frustrating to always feel sick and tired and still try to push through with worse and worse results over time as my body weakened due to the mal-absorption of nutrients associated with gluten intolerance.  It took a couple of years to gain back the 27 pounds of muscle that I had lost before I knew how to appropriately implement gluten-free diet.  VIM helped me gain back those last five pounds of lean muscle with a little hard work at the gym. I crave that shake each morning no matter how fatigued I am getting out of bed.  I also take a scoop after intense workouts in order to recover any nutrients that have been utilized during that workout.  The highly bio absorbable pea protein is a great source of amino acids to enhance protein muscle synthesis for anybody looking to increase their fitness levels.  Your body knows what it needs, and VIM is the most complete source of nutrition that I have ever seen on the market.  Not only am I very in to fitness, but I also combined a minor in nutrition with a minor in chemistry in order that I can better understand nutrition at the biochemical level.  This is one of very few products manufactured by any company as a nutritional supplement that I am willing to put my name behind.  There are a wide array of beneficial bioactive compounds in their products that have been used by cultures all over the world for many years because of their noticeable effects on health and wellness. Les and Lynette have a great understanding of wellness and vitality, and I wholeheartedly trust not only their intent, but their follow-through.  They are making a change that is sending positive waves into a society devoid of nutrients.  Grab a hand and join into the wave so that we may all have a higher quality of life, because quality of life is happiness.” – Brad G. - St Louis, MO

Anne H. – Quad Cities USA

“Hello! I absolutely LOVE VIM products! They're all so great, where to start?! I look forward to drinking my tasty Super Food smoothie each day; I blend with 1/2 banana & 4oz. coconut milk & 4oz. coconut water - it tastes like tropical goodness, it is great for pre-workout energy and boost or for  post-workout recovery. I work 4 physically demanding jobs, and frequently work 15+ hour days. The OOMPH really helps around 5pm when I've been on my feet since 8am and am getting ready to start another shift. When I'm using this product, I feel very alert yet I do not have any jitters; it helps me to feel alive and articulate and assists in getting all 4 of my jobs done! OOMPH is truly a bartender's best friend! I also love the SHUT EYE. I'm one of those 'hamster in a wheel' types who has all of their greatest ideas while trying to fall asleep at night. I've tried valerian root, melatonin, sleepy time tea and even ibuprofen to help me sleep better. with SHUT EYE, I fall asleep quickly, sleep the night through and wake after 7-8 hours very well rested and ready to tackle my 15+ hour day! Thanks so much for all you do - I am thrilled to be a part of this amazing company and equally as happy that I've found whole nutritious supplementation to complement the hard work I do in the gym & healing my auto-immune disorders.” – Anne H. – Quad Cities USA

Denise - Rock Island, IL

“I just started on my second container of "Vim super food" and absolutely love it! I have a sensitive stomach and I’m lactose intolerant. I can honestly say Vim has helped my stomach alot. I have my shake every morning with almond milk, berries & banana. The other wonderful thing about Vim is you don't have to take a multi vitamin or probiotic the super food has it all in it! I would highly recommend this product.” –Denise - Rock Island, IL

Nina Z. – Davenport, IA

“I love everything about VIM, I love feeling so healthy.” –Nina Z. – Davenport, IA

Chris F. Cordova, IL

“On a routine visit for my chiropractic wellness, my doctor suggested trying VIM as part of my morning health plan.  I bought my first container of VIM and I have been using the product religiously for one month.  Being a little bit of a foodie, I found the product needed to be sweetened up, so I mix 1/4 cup each of apple and orange juice and a cup of water to the VIM.  I use my hand emersion whip and mix it and add the ice.  Not only does it taste good, but I know mentally and physically what a wonderful way to start my day.  I only use this product one time per day and the container lasts approximately one month.  Not a bad investment into your health.  So, hats off to my chiropractor and the makers of VIM!!!” - Chris F. Cordova, IL

O Fallon, MO

“The Phataway and Oomph are amazing. My 2015 resolution was to eat healthier as a family.  As a mother of 4, I'm busy and often don't know where the day has gone.  The oomph gets me through. Al and Marlene - O Fallon, MO

Heather and Lance K. – Davenport, IA

“My husband and I have been using the VIM today products for a little over a month. Lance dropped 10 pounds and has been able to cut down on his nexium for acid reflux! He has been taking this for almost 10 years straight. I work nights at the hospital and I have noticed a difference in my energy levels. I used to drag night and day and now I feel more awake at work and also at home on my days off. This is a great product with diverse results for every participant.”- Heather and Lance K. – Davenport, IA


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